Contactless Cleaning during 
COVID-19 Level 3
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Prams & Strollers

We Clean Your

Prams & Strollers

Keeping SchoolsDaycares Safe

Schools & Day care facilities are central to our community and we need to keep them safe for our kids. Keep our kids & families safe with our deep clean and regular maintenance cleans.

Our cleaning products are 100% plant-based and non-toxic, safe for use around young children.

We can decontaminate...

  • Schools
  • Daycares
  • Educational facilities

We'll decontaminate your facility regularly to keep your staff & clients safe.

we CLEAN your...

Curtains & Drapes

Full hand-wash, with no shrinking!

Rugs & Mats

Full cleans & regular washing programmes


Keep your blinds clean and dust-free

Prams & Strollers

Kids need a safe place to grow and explore!

Sunshades & Canopies

Full removal of all dirt, algae & mould


Full, deep mattress cleans

Vehicle Upholstery

Full vehicle cleaning services too, interior and exterior


We clean all kinds of furniture upholstery